17080927 NFL
Free People
The NFL and MLB lost me years ago when they started talking about things other than the game. Even my dad has declared that he will check the stats in the paper rather than watch political stuff invade his enjoyment of sports. He also quit getting the daily paper, so he is talking solely of the Sunday edition. I just watched a couple of guys on You Tube explain how this is the death of football. Even some Canadians I know are shaking their heads and asking what does sports have to do with politics?

Exactly! People watch sports to escape the politics, but now sports are political, too. Someone suggested that we drop all professional sports and return to sandlot ball and city teams. I am for that.

170919 Blogthings
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No, I haven't posted a lot of "real" stuff lately. Sometimes, I hide real stuff inside of the Blogthings. All it takes is a most rudimentary knowledge of html, which I picked up just by looking at some of the code. Then again, if you didn't know what the original was supposed to look like or say, how would you know what I changed? I should learn more ASCII codes, or get my durn computer to the shop. That should read: Get the MONEY to get my computer to the shop...

You Are "All You Need is Love"

You are compassionate, kind, and giving.

You truly believe that love can heal the world.

In some ways, you are a bit of hippie.

You feel like people make life too complex.

Happiness is often as simple as just allowing yourself to be happy.

There isn't much people really need in this life.

If you're truly loved, then you're blessed.

170911 Blogthings
Free People
You Think Freedom is Luxurious

For you, luxury is all about being able to do what you want whenever you want to. Not listening to anyone.

You value an independent lifestyle above all else. And you're willing to make sacrifices to make sure you live on your terms.

If you had all the money, you'd do whatever you felt like. You'd love the thrill of living outside the system.

You may not have the means to live a fully independent life, but you do what you can to march to your own drumbeat.

Whenever possible, you take the autonomous path - even if it means more responsibility and hassle.

You prefer to look after your own life and to make your own choices. You chart your own course through this world.

170907 Blogthings
Free People
You Are a Hot Dog

You are fun loving and quick to tell a story or joke. You always know how to have a good time.

You never quite feel settled. You have the spirit of an adventurer.

You are imaginative and very visual. You can play out whole movies in your head.

There's so much in this world that interests you. You like to dabble in a little of everything.


170906 Keto
Free People
Meanwhile, in France where people eat heavy cream sauces, butter, and cheese, the obesity rates are about half of Colorado's.

170829 All I want for Christmas...
Free People
The first time I heard the ad on the radio, I thought it was a parody.

(click the picture.)

If I had that kind of the disposable income, I would be there! I would SO be there! This is better than iFly. (I wanted to do iFly, but medical issues stop me.)

This has been added to my bucket list!

170820 Took the Plunge
Free People
Well, I signed up for the full program at the Diet Doctor. I had in my mind that it was going to cost a hundred dollars a month, but it's only about a hundred dollars per year, or nine dollars per month. I decided that I could afford that. Never in the past have I published what I weigh, nor any other vital statistics. Today, however, I shall reveal that to reach an acceptable weight that conforms to my age and body type, I need to lose one hundred and ten pounds. Monday is my weigh-in day.

I started two weeks ago. Last Monday, I recorded a loss of four pounds. Today was the first waist measurement, so I can't give you inches lost. The food has been wonderful. A friend told me today that she can see the slimming. Also last Monday, the most amazing thing happened. After many years of weakness, I managed to get myself up off the floor without help and without props! I got off of the floor by using the strength of my own two legs!

Today, I watched Dr. Eenfeldt tell about his weight loss journey. Yesterday, I watched a village of overweight Tlinket tell of their stories. There are probably enough of these stories to keep me going for a year. :D

170819 Blogthings
Free People
You Are Matzo Ball Soup

You are a comfort seeker, and you tend to gravitate toward food that is old fashioned and homemade.

You prefer to live mindfully, and part of that mindfulness means never being in a rush. You take your time.

You are a person of substance, and you try to act in accordance with your values.
Relationships are important to you.

You are reliable and even a little predictable... but you're never boring. You are multi-faceted enough to keep things interesting.

The other soup ingredients are fine, but I don't like Matzo Balls.

170818 Blogthings
Free People
You Are an Oreo Blizzard

You are very direct. What you see is what you get with you, and you tend to be quite no nonsense.

You do have a softer side that few people see. You don't open up emotionally for just anyone - you keep feelings private.

You are firm and even a bit stubborn. Once your mind is made up, it's going to take a lot of convincing to change it.

Deep down, you melt for the ones you love. You only keep up the appearance of being a tough cookie to get by in life.


170815 Blogthings
Free People
You Should Wear Blue Sunglasses

You are a positive and independently minded person. You don't mind standing out and doing your own thing.
You are usually on the cutting edge of fashion, even sometimes a bit of a trendsetter. You like to play with different looks.

You are a creative person, and you're always looking for a new outlet. You love accessories of all kinds, especially sunglasses.
Even though many admire the outfits you wear, you dress 100% for yourself. You're not looking to impress anyone else. No, I'm not on the cutting edge of fashion, but I do dress for my own pleasure!



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