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161109 The Best Lies Incorporate Something True
Free People
Thank God the election is over, and I do thank God. God matters more than who won, because government is temporary. In four years, we'll get to go through all this again!

The political backbitting never quits, but it should tone down a bit now. It amazes me how personally involved people get with the personalities of the candidates! This cult of personality is killing this nation! People harp on a person's physical traits, or personal habits, but never really get to idiology. Sometimes, morality indicates idiology, but we have been taught to laugh at morality. Certain idiologies are killing us, and most just blame the "other" side. No one checks history for cause and effect. Certainly, the nuances of idiology are ignored.

What idiology does a candidate support? Almost universally, every one of them, from school boards and city councels to the U.S. Congress, votes along party lines. Whether something is good for the people or not does not matter to them, because too many of them act like their political party matters far more than the country does. Make sure you know what idiology each party truely embraces. Lies abound, and the more emotional the plea is, the less true it is. Emotion is designed to blind us to the facts.

I learned a long, long time ago that lies don't change the Truth. The best lies incorporate something true.

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Ordinarily I would agree with that, but this election has been different, in that the 'winner' has known ties to Russia's leader. I find this very disturbing and fear he will be a 'puppet'. I've been 'spoiled' by our current president to expect intelligence, grace, restraint, honesty and politeness from our leader and the 'winner' displays NONE of these!!

Hillary would've been untouchable had she won. :O

The choices we were offered this election season are just a sign of the times. Things that mattered the most to me were supporting Israel, being pro-life, the immigration debate and the state of our economy. I knew Hillary doesn't believe the unborn have any rights whatsoever and that she's no friend of Israel, the two most important topics. She also wants to open the flood gates on immigration and her policies would tank us further economically.

But Trump is, well... He's an asshat who can't be trusted either, frankly. He's a disgusting, foul-mouthed wild card.

But then there was Pence! That's basically the thing for me.

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