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181128 I Did Not Mean To Disappear

On Saturday, November 18, I finished my novel after a flurry of writing. I decided to wait before uploading it, because I needed to rest. Within hours, the pain became unbearable, and I stayed in the bathroom as blood poured out of my body. After a few hours of increasing pain and the losing of fluids, I dialed 911. I needed help getting my pants on.

My neighbors came out of their campers, so I gave my keys to one of them as the paramedics put me into the ambulance. She called my daughter and my sister. In the ER, they determined that the little hospital in my little town was not equipped to handle me, so I was transported into San Antonio. This hospital plans to release me to hospice on the 30th if all the paperwork is finished.

It has been a wild couple of weeks, but today I got my novel uploaded and validated. This one will be edited and revised until I can't do it anymore. I may not post here much anymore. I'm already tired.

Free People

181111 Veteran's Day

I'll start with a tribute to my Dad by posting a stock photo of his generation. He would not want any personal image of him on the Internet. I didn't tell him that his image is already there, because he has been in the papers...

As most of you know, I come from a military family, but was unable to serve for medical reasons.

Some of us are taking my dad out for steak today. I just had a chuckle, because it will be myself, my sister, and those who have served in the Military. The cousins who didn't won't be there! They would cause a scene anyway. Some people just don't know how to behave in public.
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181110 Cold

Winter is here... It might warm again a time or two, but it is cold enough for me to pull out my old sleeping bag which was rated to ten degrees Fahrenheit, and my little heater that keeps the cabin temperatures above freezing. Right now, it is 54 F in here. Outside temps are still dropping, and the sun is rising. The latest reading was 43 F. Our high is expected to be 50 F. Now, has that passed already, or can we expect a little warming today? Isn't this fun? (My phone app says that yes, indeedy, our temperature has peaked for the day, and it will just get colder from here.)

Yes, northerners laugh at southerners for their lack of ability to handle the cold, but I dare anyone who laughs now to spend a triple digit day with me as we walk anywhere at all. Parts of me hurt, and I'm getting testy. Time to quit.
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181106 Vote

I got out and voted. In a lot of places, who gets into public office seems to be a forgone conclusion, but there might be a few surprises. My district is expected to vote as it has for as long as I've been here.
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181029 Future Disappearing

Ha! Did this title make you think this would be some dark commentary on American politics? No! It's the annual NaNoWriMo warning! For the month of November, I plan to spend five hours per day, six days per week scribbling words on paper! I've done this often enough to know that this is what it takes for me to reach the goal of 50,000 words by the end of November 30th. Taking one day off per week also helps to keep the creative juices flowing.

Will I attend any of the meetups? Who knows? What will the subject be? Who knows? Will the final edit be another short story, or a real novel? Who knows?

None of the "real" novels have sold. I just do it because it's fun and different.
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181024 For My Weather Friends

Expect the unexpected. NOAA says mild for Texas, but God told me to pull out the winter clothing, and the Farmer's Almanac concurs. Also, it looks like I will need to upgrade my rain gear.

Actually, these maps don't look that much different, but the different organizations have interpreted them differently.
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181012 On This Day...

According to Bing, on this day in 1979, the first book of a beloved "trilogy" was released. I bought it about then, and have owned several copies of the four or five or six book set. Currently, my copy of the four inch thick "More than Complete Hitchhiker's Guide..." is on my daughter's bookshelf. She slipped it out of my home when she left.

One year for Purim, I went to a dinner where each was to be costumed as a literary figure. I wore a plaid bathrobe, pointed at the ceiling, and in a fake British accent, yelled about the NMP field. Those who understood, whooped and hollered.