180327 Sharing Another's
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A friend sent me this from his blog. I thought I'd share it for him.

180307 Doing Nothing
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I have not posted for quite a while, because I have had little to say. I no longer pay attention to politics, except to vote. Maybe I should say that I do pay attention to what my political representatives do, but I do not read what others think about them, nor do I watch TV. Every little thing seems to be conflated and obfuscated in the worst ways possible, and everything spells DOOM for mankind.

The world did not end. Period.

It did not end in 2000. It did not end in 2008, nor in 2012, and it did not end in 2016.

So here is how it goes:
Politician A says, "That cat needs its litter box changed."
Politician B says, "Politician A wants that cat out of the house!"
The news machine says, "Politician A's party wants the death of all cats!"

Insert any issue, any politician, any party to get the news today. This is why I no longer care. It is not about the good of the country; it's about who wins. Well, I know who wins in the end! It's not the politicians, nor the governments, nor the world.

Non-believers may see this as a cop-out, or Pollyanna thinking. The Bible, however, has never been proven false. It is an historical record that shows how and why we should believe the True God. There are many false gods that represent various human characteristics. Modern gods are just as real as Apollo. If we are still here in 5000 years, historians may be talking about the American Pantheon of Michael Jackson, JFK, Shak, Oprah, and others.

Apparent contradictions in the Bible are errors in translation or errors in understanding. For thirty-seven years I have been actively studying the Bible and started taking serious science courses forty-five years ago. The more I learn, the more I see science in the Word of God. Few antagonists realize that they have chosen their beliefs. They choose, not according to tangible science, but by the intangibles.

It doesn't matter. Everyone chooses something. Like the Rush song indicates, even by refusing to choose, one has made a choice. In Deuteronomy 30:19, God tells us that we do have a choice, and that we should choose life. An old evangelist from the late 19th or early 20th Centuries said that even if God didn't exist, it was more fun to believe. In modern vernacular, we'd say that it was better for your health.

Therefore, I choose life. Politics is death.

180101 Homeschool
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Homeschool is not as expensive as people think. My first year cost me $14.95 for a book that told me how to use the public library system for my children's education through eighth grade. Yes, this was in Texas, and I do not know how that would work elsewhere. There are tremendous amounts of free online resources as well. Do a Google search by grade or subject. It takes commitment and sacrifice and is worth it. A single income is not as restrictive as we have been told, especially when combined with a good attitude and ingenuity. Also, I became a single mom when my elder child was 16 and the younger was 12. The elder and I found part time work in a church school, where I could continue homeschooling. It is not that unusual. We were NOT members of that church. We simply applied for jobs.

The elder quickly finished the state requirements for high school graduation and entered college a year early, and younger was allowed to be with us to work on her own homeschooled education. My elder child graduated from college debt-free and is now working. She has been supporting herself since the age of 22. The younger chose military service after graduating from homeschool. It seems that no one hears about the astounding successes of homeschool. Too many people believe the "socialization" myth. That drawback only occurs in families were it would have happened no matter where the child went to school. Do I need to reference a few famous public school incidents?

Children contact other children through their interests in music, drama, books, sports, or a thousand other activities they or their parents desire to pursue. Mine went to Scouts, karate, informal park days, professionally oriented clubs, field trips, and public-sponsored activities. In San Antonio, there is a free magazine called, SA Kids that lists free and low-cost activities all over town. Each is a learning event. Some even provided free workbooks. Homeschool works from Pre-K through graduation.

171221 Paronychia
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On Monday December 11, 2017 my finger felt as if it were being stabbed while on fire and in a meat grinder. I had pulled hangnail a day or two earlier and ended up with a paronychia that felt as if a machete removing my finger would make it all better. It started feeling better the next day. I kept it wrapped and applied oils, and it seemed to be healing. Then yesterday morning the skin started peeling off. As these things go, it peaked just after my doctor’s office closed for the long weekend. It started to feel like it had 10 days earlier. I had tears in my eyes wondering if I'd be able to handle this. I decided I needed to go to the emergency room. For me the emergency room is the Urgent Care Clinic. They charge $125 instead of $300. Well, they took one look at it and decided they couldn't do anything for me and instead wanted to send me to the actual emergency room. Of course they kept my $125. After carefully considering my cash flow, and noticing that the pain had significantly reduced, I went home.

I do not like allopathic medicine. They just want to treat the symptoms without getting to the cause, so I stepped up my program with essential oils and decided to start treating myself for gangrene instead of just a minor bacterial infection. I know I am falling into a trap similar to what my sister-in-law did. On the other hand I'm not going to wait four months before I visit the doctor. I'm just going to wait until things slow down. Today is the last week day before that Insidious holiday, so I figure I can wait until Tuesday. That's not 4 months from now.

Here's my protocol just in case anyone who reads this actually looks at essential oils. Five times a day I am going to apply a mixture of sacred frankincense and lavender. Apparently a French doctor in the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries had some chemical burns and develop gangrene. He treated this solely with lavender and was healed. I am impressed. I used an empty 15ml bottle and placed 20 drops of lavender and 20 drops of sacred frankincense in it and finished out the bottle with a thin, organic vegetable oil called V6. This is in addition to the oils I take for the diabetes. So far today, I have no pain.

171210 Travel
Free People
As is my custom, I did not announce that I was doing a lot of travelling throughout November and early December. I arrived home late Friday night. I wrote most of my last novel on Amtrak. I haven't got around to editing, yet. Tomorrow sounds like a good time to start.

Amtrak is growing on me. I have meet a number of interesting people. A businessman sat in front of me on the most recent leg of my last journey. He was astonished at the comfort, because his previous travel had centered around flying. This time, he had time and decided to try the train from Chicago to Texas. Union Station in Chicago looks like what airports used to be with little shops and minimal security. The station in San Antonio is like the Juneau, Alaska airport circa 1980. They open it fifteen minutes before the train arrives, and close it fifteen minutes afterwards. There is no parking.

The train itself has an observation car and a dining car. Every seat has access to an electrical outlet for those who cannot forsake their electronics. I typed day and night without fear of losing my battery. The dining car served three expensive meals. I did not mind, because twice the chef was worthy of a four star establishment. I had the prime rib and a lot smaller things. My dinner companions over the eight days covered the rest of the menu. I did not spend the entire eight days in one trip, it took four separate trips to be on the train that long.

I'll be taking the train again soon.
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171124 NaNoWriMo
Free People

171106 NaNoWriMo
Free People
The book has 12,317 words. I am on target for writing 2000 words per day plus a few more. It is good to be ahead of the curve. Technically, 1,667 words per day is average, but I have found that taking one day off per week makes the other days go more smoothly. Saturday looks like a good day to take lay off the writing.

171029 Freezing
Thankfully, I set the water dripping last night in the face of high winds. I woke to -1C, which is 30F. Cabin temperature is about 50F, so I am heating water.

171027 Thirty Years Ago
Free People
Thirty years ago, I expected that Social Security would not support me in my old age. Current projections say that it is still on track to fail before I do.

Twenty-five years ago, I knew that there would be strife and war between 2017 and 2023. That seems to be proceeding exactly on schedule.

Twenty years ago, I realized that Global Warming was a hoax, because none of the hysterical predictions from the ‘70s and ‘80s had come to pass. Neither have many noticed that the predictions from the last twenty years have failed to materialize. Computer sources do not count, because they can be and have been changed. I have HARD COPY in the form of textbooks and scientific journals to back my claims.

Just over fifteen years ago, some said that we had just witnessed Pearl Harbor, I said that it was merely the Lusitania. For those who don’t know history, the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 made a few people angry, but it didn’t lead to the US entering WWI, which was already raging. The bombing of the US territory of Pearl Harbor, on the other hand, lead to a declaration of war the next day and had Americans swamping the recruitment centers for months. The Twin Towers had almost no effect on recruitment.

Ten years ago, I considered going off grid. It was impossible to live without breaking some law somewhere. Just owning a farm and raising livestock on it broke several federal laws. Selling my extra eggs without a license broke more than a few laws. Doubt me? Try running any kind of business. My sister wants to start a business and asked me to be her bookkeeper. I see ulcers in my future. Laws for small businesses are more confusing and even more restricting today.

I started blogging nine years ago, so many of you know what has happened since then.

Five years ago, I stopped making too many predictions. Instead, I became a wise prepper. No, I do not have a dugout with a twenty-year supply of freeze-dried foods. What a waste of money! No, I have stuffed my head with the knowledge of how to survive without the usual amenities. Knowledge is far more important than mere supplies, which could be lost in too large of a variety of ways.

Five years ago, all I saw was the end of civilization, so five years ago, I wrote a book about the end of the current civilization. Some liked it, but no publisher did. There is still a hard copy floating around somewhere. For NaNoWriMo 2017, I have decided to write another future history. That will be my prediction.

171009 A Passage to Live By
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Whenever I get down or frustrated, I have to return to true wisdom. A lot of people have been ragging on God, blaming God, and supposedly showing proof of the nonexistance of God. Do they really think that everyone needs to be tightly controlled in order to keep them from doing bad things? If so, which human or group of humans could possibly be qualified to judge and control them? Whose standard would we use? The result of taking God out of everything leads to removing a great Power for Good. Argue if you must, but this physical world runs on spiritual power. There are two diametrically opposed spiritual powers; there is no good in the Devil, and no evil in God. The secret to Satan's success lies in the secrecy of his moves.

This is why people blame God for what Satan orchestrates. Every period of extreme unrest has taken a generation or two to be developed. Why is a simple message of love now viewed as hate? This simple message has been carried by imperfect people. Then, Satan holds out the carrot of power to dissuade people from true power, which requires self discipline, i.e. work. It takes tremendous effort to discipline one's mind, and people are lazy.

Satan is called "the god of this world" in 1 Corinthians 4:4, so calling weather events "acts of god" has some truth to it. Hurricanes are not, however, from the True God. Even Christians have bought into the lie that God hurts people. No, He doesn't hurt people, but if people run from Him, they may find themselves caught in Satan's storm without any protection. The storm, strife, pain, cooties, etc, all belong to Satan, not God. God does not have multiple personality disorder. Instead, He had His identity stolen.

This brings me to a great passage that gave me an AHA! moment this morning. It won't win an argument with the worldly, but will comfort those who know how the story ends.

1 Corinthians 1:18-20
18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.

20 Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

The love of God in the renewed mind in manifestation wins, not eros.


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